Baby Basics


Baby Basics: Your Month-by-Month Guide to a Healthy PregnancyBaby Basics: Your Month by Month Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy is an easy to read book that covers many topics – from applying for Medicaid to the stages of labor. It is an enjoyable book that you will want to read throughout your pregnancy.





Baby Basics: The PlannerBaby Basics: THE PLANNER is an interactive counterpart to the book that will help you to become involved in your prenatal care. It will help you understand the healthcare system and improve the way you manage your own health – and the health of your family. It includes appointment planners, discussion topics, questions to ask your prenatal care provider, resource center phone numbers, case management record pages – and a whole lot more!


Many prenatal care providers in Calhoun County are giving away Baby Basics to their pregnant patients for free. If you have any questions about Baby Basics, please ask your prenatal care provider or visit this informational webpage.



To learn more about Pregnancy Health Information for Calhoun County, click here.


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