Born to Learn


Learn Definition:  the activity or process of gaining knowledge or skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something.


Listening to language and music at an early age helps babies develop their language and social skills. 

Professor Edward Melhuish and colleagues from the University of London found that the 10-year-olds who had attended high-quality preschools scored 27% higher in math skills, and performed better in other subjects than their peers who had attended a low-quality preschool or none.

They estimated that for each group of 4-year-olds that complete a year of preschool, there are about 13,800 fewer children retained in school, 62,500 fewer years spent in special education, 10,000 additional high school graduates, and 7,300 fewer juvenile arrests.”


Source: LexisNexis Academic Journal


Support your child with age appropriate activities as they journey toward school readiness.

Activities for your child:

  • Brushes teeth
  • Gets appropriate sleep for age – (birth–2years) 15 hours, (2–4 years)
    10 hours each day
  • Plays outside on a regular basis
  • Uses crayons and cuts paper with scissors
  • Draws and traces basic shapes
  • Eats balanced and nutritious meals including fruits and vegetables every day
  • Jumps, hops, skips, and balances on one foot
  • Throws, catches, and bounces a ball
  • Uses the toilet, wipes, and washes hands


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