Born to Read


Literacy Definition: The ability to read and write.  A person who has low literacy skills might be able to read some words, but not enough to understand simple forms or instructions.


It is NEVER too early to start reading to your child.  The process of learning to read and write begins when your son or daughter is an infant and reading with your youngster is one of the best ways to help improve school readiness. 


Parents who read to their child are providing an experience that improves language and literacy skills, social emotional development, and their relationship with their child.

Research shows that the amount and quality of speech that you use with your child is among the strongest influences on his/her language skills, especially before age three.


Many studies indicate that different activities aid different skills. For example, reading your child a storybook improves her oral language and vocabulary skills, while teaching her about letters and sounds helps more with reading and writing.


Reading out loud to your child every night – at the same time and possibly in the same place – goes a long way toward establishing a bond that will help your son/daughter feel wanted, needed, and valued.


The second benefit of the read-aloud experience has to do with literacy. Reading to your child, and reading with your child as he/she gets older, increases their ability to recognize sounds, learn vocabulary, and conquer syntax and diction.


“Children benefit from reading time with parent” – Lillis, Carole. Star – Gazette [Elmira, N.Y] 30 Apr 2014: 6.



Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library will help you read to your child. By signing up your child right after birth, he/she will receive an age appropriate book in the mail until the age of 5 years old.  This is a FREE gift for you and your child, all you have to do is read to your children. Once the books start arriving, e njoy your time to explore each new book together.


Check with your local library to see if they participate in the Imagination Library.


Willard Library of Battle Creek or call 269-968-8166

Marshall District Library or call 269-781-7821

Albion Library or call 517-629-3993


Homer Library or call 517-568-3450



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