Calhoun County Home Visiting Programs

There are a variety of home visiting programs available in Calhoun County with family-focused services for expectant mothers and families with infants and young children. The benefits of participation in a home visiting program include maternal, infant and child health, reduction in child maltreatment, healthy child development, school readiness, positive parenting, and referrals to other support services for families in need.


For more information please contact the programs listed below or call 211 for a referral.



Expectant Mothers

Community Action Head Start


The Early Head Start Expectant Mother program provides:

  • Bi-weekly visits for pregnant moms in order to help ensure appropriate and consistent prenatal care
  • Parent training on best practice in raising a healthy child
  • Addressing family concerns throughout and after pregnancy including assistance/referrals for basic needs
  • Assistance in developing support systems during and after the birth of the child
  • Services in the local Early Head Start program when the child is born
  • Utilization of the researched based Partners for a Healthy Baby Curriculum



For questions about this program contact:  877.422.2726

First Time Mothers

Nurse Family Partnership


Nurse-Family Partnership is a program for women who are having their first baby. If you enroll, a registered nurse will visit you in your home every week or two throughout pregnancy and continue to visit until your baby is 2 years old. You and your nurse will decide the exact schedule.


Nurse-Family Partnership is FREE to all eligible women. Any woman who is (1) pregnant with her first child, (2) WIC or Medicaid eligible, and (3) lives in Calhoun County. You are encouraged to enroll early in your pregnancy. Your nurse will help you:


  • Have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby
  • Become a better parent
  • Build a strong network of support
  • Make your home a safe place for your baby
  • Get referrals for healthcare, childcare, job training and other support services in the community
  • Find ways to continue your education and develop job skills
  • Set goals for your family’s future and find ways to help you reach them



For questions about this program contact:  269.969.6392

Medicaid Families


Your OB or Pediatric Provider can refer you to a home visiting program that will meet your needs.

Spanish Speaking Families

Silver Lining


Silver Lining Family Services ofrece asistencia a familias que hablan español. MIHP (Programa de Salud Materno Infantil) es un programa de visitas al hogar para mujeres embarazadas y niños con seguro de Medicaid. MIHP proporciona servicios de apoyo a las mujeres y a los padres para que tengan embarazos saludables y buenos resultados con los nacimientos de bebés. Este programa ha sido diseñado por el Departamento de Salud de la Comunidad de Michigan (MDCH).


Silver Lining Family Services provides assistance to Spanish-speaking families. MIHP (Maternal Infant Health Program) is a Home Visiting program for pregnant women and infants with Medicaid insurance. MIHP provides support service to women and to parents so they have healthy pregnancies, good birth outcomes, and healthy infants. This program has been designed by the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH).



For questions about this program contact:  269.408.0222
fax: 269.408.0252

Mental Health

Family & Children Services


The Parent Infant Program (PIP) is an intensive home-based treatment service for families in which either the parent or child is struggling with mental health issues. PIP offers therapy from pregnancy through age 3. Services include individual and family therapy, parenting education and support, case management services, crisis intervention and 24-hour on-call availability. PIP services are family-centered and build upon individual and family strengths to increase personal and community supports, promote healthy family functioning, and strengthen the critical parent-child bond.

Criteria for our program: (1) As long as the adult or child can be diagnosed with a mental illness and (2) has Medicaid and (3) the child is between 0–4, they are eligible for services. A child can be diagnosed if they have suffered trauma, are in foster care, or are separated from a parent for other reasons.



For questions about this program contact:  269.965.3247



Lutheran Social Services of Michigan


Toddler Infant Parent Program (TIPP) provides services, from pregnancy through age 3, to families where the parent’s mental health and life circumstances impede the attachment and bond between the parent and child. Addressing this parent-child relationship improves the social, emotional, behavioral and cognitive development of the child. Services also reduce the chance of abuse/neglect and the chance of the child experiencing developmental delays or further mental health needs. The program provides guidance about the infant's growth and development and uses assessment tools to help parents see their strengths and areas of concern.

In addition to working on the relationship between the parent and child, these services allow parents to address their own mental health needs through access to a psychiatrist. Weekly sessions are primarily used to address the parent – child relationship but also help the parent to explore their relationships with family and friends (past and present), improve their problems solving skills, conflict resolution as situations arise and facilitate access to community resources.

Criteria for our program: (1) As long as the adult can be diagnosed with a mental illness and (2) has Medicaid and (3) the child is between 0–3, they are eligible for services. This program serves all of Calhoun County.



For enrollment or questions about this program contact:   269.491.0219

School Readiness

Early Childhood Connections


Early Childhood Connections home visiting program has the primary focus of school readiness and includes the following components:


  • An initial home visit for every Battle Creek family with a newborn
    by a family coach bringing a Welcome Baby Basket full of gifts
    for the baby and information about community resources available
    to families with children birth to five years of age
  • Ongoing monthly home visits using the research based Parents
    as Teachers curriculum
  • Developmental screening to identify individual needs of the child
  • Referrals to community services that meet the needs of the
    family and child
  • Enrollment in Raising A Reader literacy program
  • Early learning playgroups for families throughout the community


Services are free to Battle Creek residents.



Great Parents Great Start


Great Parents Great Start is a school readiness program serving families with children ages birth to five years. Much like Early Childhood Connections, Great Parents Great Start services include:


  • Limited home visiting based on greatest need and a county
    playgroup using the Parents as Teachers Curriculum
  • Raising A Reader book borrowing program
  • Free child developmental screening


As Early Childhood Connections serves the greater Battle Creek area, Great Parents Great Start serves the outer-lying county areas and a targeted population including teen parents, special needs parents and parents of children with special needs.



For questions about either program contact:  269.660.1606 ext. 6143

Maajtaag Mnobmaadzid
“A Start of a Healthy Life”

Maajtaag Mnobmaadzid (pronounced Maj-tog Minowb-maude-zid) is a program for Native American Women and/or Women carrying a Native (Anishinabe) baby. The program provides support and education during pregnancy, but also focuses on helping women become and stay healthy before and between pregnancies. Services are designed for women and newborns up to two years of age. There are no income guidelines for eligibility. Services include:


  • Home or office visits by a Maternal Child Health Nurse
  • Support and education based on family needs
  • Referral, follow-up and after-care services
  • Education and breastfeeding support
  • Depression screening to pregnant women and new mothers
  • Transportation to medical appointments at some sites
  • Health education counseling for teens and their families
  • Health promotion classes and events



For enrollment or questions about this program contact:  269.729.4422


Community Partners