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Born To Be is a strategic initiative in Calhoun County, Michigan that brings together all health and human service agencies to improve the way care is provided to women of childbearing age, pregnant women, and infants. Together, we can reduce infant mortality and improve the health of women and infants. Keeping babies alive is a priority for Calhoun County, but it is also one of Michigan's highest priorities. The Michigan Department of Community Health has created a new website with a lot of information. Click here to visit the site.

Grace Health offers



Do you want to be more actively engaged in your own pregnancy healthcare?

Do you want your pregnancy care to be relaxed and fun?

Do you want to be well prepared for labor, delivery, and ready to care for your newborn?

Would you like to meet other pregnant women, give each other support and share information?




Call Grace Health OB/GYN at 269-965-8866



Visits Include:

  • Your baby’s well child visits will be 6 planned medical visits through the baby’s 1st year and led by your pediatrician and nurse.
  • More time with your healthcare provider.
  • Wellness for mom.
  • Discussion about the topics of interest to you including sleep, breastfeeding, safety, healthy eating and parenting.
  • Having fun!



Call Grace Health Pediatrics at 269-965-8866 in the East Building


Our vision is for ALL babies to be born healthy and to thrive. Our immediate goal is to improve the health of pregnant women and improve birth outcomes. We want to reduce the infant mortality rate for Calhoun County and there are ways for you to help! Several workgroups meet regularly to address specific maternal and infant health issues. We welcome anyone with an interest to get involved. Contact a Chair/Co-Chair of any of the workgroups.

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