Michigan PRAMS

Michigan PRAMSThe Michigan Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) is an ongoing survey project of mothers who deliver in Michigan. Moms are chosen at random from birth certificates. If you get a survey in the mail, please complete it and send it in. You will earn a $10 Walmart or CVS gift card for your time.


Click here to view a flyer about the Michigan PRAMS program.


PRAMS is part of a national effort to reduce infant mortality and adverse birth outcomes. Survey results are used to identify and monitor selected self-reported maternal behaviors and experiences that occur before, during, and after pregnancy. Survey participants provide information that is useful in developing intervention programs and for evaluating existing programs.


MI PRAMS publishes quarterly newsletters that highlight specific topics of interest from PRAMS data and an annual report that provides prevalence estimates for a list of perinatal behaviors, health experiences, and outcomes.


To see the newsletters or annual report, or for more information, visit the Michigan PRAMS website.



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