Preconception Health

Taking good care of yourself before you become pregnant will give your future baby a healthier start. Below is a checklist to review prior to becoming pregnant.


  • Get a complete physical
  • Take a multi-vitamin with folic acid
  • Discuss with your doctor chronic medical conditions that may impact pregnancy (diabetes, genital herpes, Chrohn’s disease)
  • Review medications you are taking
  • Ask for a blood test to determine your immunity to childhood diseases
  • Review job related hazards to determine whether they could pose a risk to a developing fetus
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins three to six months before you plan to conceive
  • Assess your eating habits, keep a journal for a week
  • Cut back on fats and sweets
  • Drink lots of liquids; at least 8 glasses a day of water, juice or milk
  • Cut back on caffeinated beverages
  • If you smoke or use other tobacco products, strongly work to quit. Tobacco poses many risks for a fetus. 
  • If you currently have an exercise program, check with your doctor to make sure it is safe to continue during pregnancy.
  • If you do not currently exercise, ask your doctor if it is safe to start



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