Work Groups


To get involved in the Born To Be Initiative or one of the workgroups, please contact a Co-Chair.



Infant Safe Sleep Coalition

Meets:  As needed
Purpose:  To provide community with knowledge, skills, and resources that promotes infants sleeping safely.

Chair: Alyse Nichols
Phone:  (269) 969-6482




Breastfeeding Coalition

Meets: Monthly
Purpose:  To promote breastfeeding and provide information, support, and resources for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Chair:  Jennifer VanValkenburg
Phone:  (269) 962-2181




Maternal and Infant Health Commission

Meets: Monthly

Purpose: To evaluate and strategize how to improve birth outcomes and reduce infant mortality in Calhoun County.

Co-Chair:  Jennifer VanValkenburg
Phone: (269) 962-2181

Co-Chair: Sondra Fettes

Community Partners